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    Stefanie Strubl commented  · 

    Hello Jonas Fuchs,

    we would consider dynamically generated bundles a "nice to have" feature. We create the bundles based partly on the manufacturer's specifications, on whether something fits well together from our own practice, but also on the stock (decimating overstocks). If we were to use such a feature, it would definitely have to be suggestions that we would approve first.

    Much more important than bundle suggestions would be the following features:

    - Allow to bundle articles without variants with articles with variants
    - If articles with variants are bundled, the store owner should be able to define whether it is a fixed variant (e.g. set to 50ml shoe polish, although there is also 200ml shoe polish available as a variant) or the customer can choose the variant (e.g. sizes) - and this for each article in the bundle individually (example: customer can choose shoe size, but there is only 50ml shoe polish, because it is a fixed price bundle)
    - Specify if and in which articles the bundle is displayed (e.g. bundle of shoe and shoe polish: the bundle should be displayed in the shoe, but not in the shoe polish, because you bundle 20 different shoes with the shoe polish and you don't want to display 20 bundles in the shoe polish, especially since nobody just buys a shoe in addition to the shoe polish, only vice versa. I realize that people would create this specific use case as a bonus (Prämie), but our bundles are more complex and I try to explain it on easier to understand items rather than rod, reel, lines and backing).
    - Choice of whether discount is absolute or by percentage.
    - Possibility to exclude the bundle discount from other discounts, in such a way that the item can be discounted, but the bundle discount is not additionally granted. Ideally, the system will use the highest discount, and/or the store owner will have the option to select whether bundle discounts are excluded or granted in addition when creating the (none bundle, limited in time) discount.

    - If a fixed variant is set by the store owner (50ml shoe polish), then it should be visible to the customer in the bundle box which variant they will receive.
    - Hide variants that are not available in the bundle configurator, based on the store default settings (Abverkauf, inactive, etc.).
    - Bundles should no longer be displayed if at least one of the items used is no longer available for purchase (store default settings). In the Shopware 5 Premium Plugin "Product Bundles", a store owner cannot choose an item in general when setting up the bundle, but instead specifies a particular variant. If this variant is sold out, the entire bundle is hidden, although other variants may still be available for purchase. Here the system should switch to another (available) variant.
    - Multi language support (translation of variants etc.)

    I am aware that these are quite complex requirements, but they are the problems we currently have in our Shopware 5 store with the Shopware Premium Plugin "Product Bundles". I hope this helps.

    Stefanie Strubl supported this idea  ·